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Woman thinking which lights and sounds rental company she'll choose for her event

“Let’s get it over with.”

I bet this is not your goal with the occasion you’re planning.

If you aim though for your event to not just be remembered but to be the greatest masterpiece you’ve planned so far…

Keep reading to have a deeper grasp of who Exile Inc. is and how we could reach the full potential of your event.

What Exile Inc. Professional Lights And Sounds Is All About

2021 Revised Exile Inc. Professional Lights and Sounds Company Logo
A modernized version of EXILE’s logo to celebrate its 35 years

Ever since setting the stage for the country’s first grand concerts and festivities

Exile Inc. has been continuously revolutionizing the entertainment industry for 35 years already by bringing a world-class ambiance: 

To NOT JUST CONCERTS (a common misconception)

But to any kind of event from your intimate wedding to your monumental product launch. 

Our approach will transform your simple gathering into a breathless feeling, leaving you with an unforgettable memory.

How does Exile Lights and Sounds keep on redefining your audiovisual expectations?

1. Audiovisual Equipment To Heighten Your Senses

What is the number 1 reason why you’re hiring a lights and sounds company?

You get a sound system for all to hear clearly and to enthrall your sight, you include lighting fixtures with effects and perhaps a LED wall.

For an ultimate sensation, you’ll need the finest and state-of-the-art equipment, right?

Exile Inc. invests only in the finest equipment crafted by leading manufacturers all over the world.

EXILE Lights and Sounds CEO’s Travel To Invest In Line-Array & Monitor Speakers In Germany
 EXILE CEO’s Travel To Invest In Cutting-Edge Speakers In Germany

Not only will we thrill you, but you’ll impress your boss and every single guest as well.

This sets us apart from other lights and sounds rental companies in the country.

So ask yourself this when choosing a supplier,

“What do I feel like I really deserve?”

 2. Team Exile To Take Care Your Entertainment Needs

 Imagine this…

How the event will come alive is already envisioned in your head. 

Rehearsals are ongoing. 

You’re briefing the technicians on how the sound moderation and the lighting sequence are going to be. 

But they just can’t comprehend what you’re saying no matter how many times you’ve explained and it’s just hours before showtime. 

Oh no… 

What will happen to all your hard work and meticulous preparations?

This type of scenario won’t happen to us because team Exile is composed of dedicated experts who you can depend on while you focus on the bigger picture. 

Exile's professional technicians for 2020 UP Diliman Fair with mixing console for lights, sound system and LED Wall under a roofing with trusses
Team EXILE During 2020 UP Diliman Fair

Not only can you count on us during the actual event but we’ll be there before you hire us until the last event you’ll arrange.

3. Lights And Sounds Rental Rates To Suit Your Budget

Exile Inc. to provide affordable lights and sounds rental rates

Let me guess you’re scouting different websites of lights and sounds companies, checking out their credentials, and of course their lights and sounds rental rates to fit your budget.

You might be even comparing lights and sounds rental packages to see which one offers the best deals.

The question is don’t you think this method is too time-consuming especially we know you’ve got so many things to do. 

Let us save you some time, what do you say?

Why don’t you let us know your working budget and some minute details like the venue, tentative date and, approximate number of guests?

 And of course, we’d like to know the exact technical requirements if you have an idea. If not, leave us a message and we’ll contact you.

We want to understand the depth of your festivity, the meaning behind it to fully cater to what you actually require and not what you think you need just because someone says so.

We don’t want to dictate your event necessities with generic packages and claim you’ll need the exact requirements as somebody else’s.

4. Immense Experience In The Entertainment Industry To Guide You

Exile Lights and Sounds equipping you with Audio Visual Technik for any kind of event for 35 years

Doing lights and sounds rental business since 1986, we can say we’ve done all kinds of events you can think of already.

We cater from small intimate functions like wedding receptions and birthdays to large scale productions like corporate events

Concerts & Festivals
Pageants & Fashion Shows
Birthdays, Debuts, Parties, & Anniversaries
Weddings & Receptions
Corporate Events
Conferences, Talks, Seminars, & Campaigns
Fun Runs & Other Sports’ Events
Events for Schools & Malls
Shoots, Press, & Blogger Events
Barangay, & City Events
Church, & Worship Services
Theater Plays, & Productions


Versatility is our leverage.

Our deep understanding of how it’s done in the entertainment industry will lessen your burden as we’ll support you even more especially when formulating solutions when a need arises.

Why choose Exile Inc. Professional Lights and Sounds?

Besides what’s mentioned above, check out what we can else we can offer you!

 Life’s Milestones Partnership

Exile Inc. to be your partner lights and sounds rental company for all your events

Just think of all the milestones you’ll be having in both your jobs and of course, your life. 

Wouldn’t you want a team you trust and knows you very well to accompany you throughout the momentous festivities you handle?

We wish to have your back with your first product launch or excellence awards you’ll organize at work, to the moment you say “I Do”, to the entry of your beloved into the Christian world, to her 7th Princess themed birthday, to her graduation bash, to her turn of “I Do”, until your love ones surprise you with a grand 60th party. 

These precious celebrations don’t just happen but they’ll remain both in your hearts and minds forever. 

You’d prefer to look back at all the times where you’ve succeeded in reinventing moments and impacted the people around you through remarkable experiences, right? 

Let us be your partner in molding memories worth remembering. 

Are you ready to start the 1st show of your life with us?

 BONUS Service: The Ultimate Experience!

Exile Lights and Sounds to assist you in your wedding, birthday and all other events

With 35 years in the entertainment business, we’re fortunate to have crossed paths with so many dedicated creative geniuses who’ve reinvented Philippine events to another degree. 

Though our main business is lights and sounds rental services, we wish you to reach not just an audiovisual success but also the ultimate experience.

We know event planning can be nerve-racking especially when you want it to be perfect.

What if we can recommend suppliers as you’ll be needing from your event venue, catering, photographer, videographer, and others as well?

We’ll lessen your burden since we’re familiar with the talented individuals in the industry so we can suggest the ones to go after. 

Let us help you cherish your once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

What do you think, #LetsExile from the ordinary to a fleeting experience?

Sounds too good to be true? Find it out and hire us. 

Or if you’re looking for something else, kindly comment below so we could better assist you.

About Joey Valencia

Joey Valencia, the CEO of Exile Lights and Sounds
The Man Behind Exile Inc.

The entertainment industry would be incomplete without Joey Valencia as he is one of the bold people who paved the way for the ultimate experience through the art of sound system, lighting effects, LED wall, and other technical requirements. 

A Passionate Founder

Joey Valencia as a DJ during the 80's when Exile Lights and Sounds was just starting

He is a pursuer of passion as he built the extraordinary legacy of Exile Inc. from a small mobile lights and sounds to revolutionizing a one-stop-shop for all your events needs. 

A Visionary Entrepreneur

He continues to explore invigorating ideas, pushing him to be an entrepreneur who has a keen eye for great opportunities. 

A Steadfast Commander

One thing’s for sure is he never backs down from challenges that’s why Exile Inc. is 35 years already!

About 0107 Management Group Inc

0107 logo, the social media marketing group and management of Exile Lights and Sounds

The family joined together by forming 0107 Management Group Inc. in pushing more boundaries and expanding the company to better heights with fresh insights and efficient management.

0107 Management Group will not only make a mark in the events industry but also in searching other ways to better serve your other needs.

Better watch for this group!

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