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We offer cutting-edge technology in Audio, Video,
Lighting and Effects equipment from leading manufacturers in
the world with an experienced technical team to match.

This is how #exil35 does it!


Our exceptional services and approach will enable you to
stay focused on your core objective while we manage all the
technical fine details of the event.

Sound System

Lighting System

Band Equipment/Backline

Band Equipment

Exile Inc. LED Wall

LED Video Wall

Exile Inc Truss, Rigging with Roofing

Aluminum Truss, Rigging & Roofing

Exile Inc. Professional Lights and Sounds


Special Effects (Pyro/Smoke/Fog/Confetti Machine)

Exile Inc. Tents


Exile Inc. IWATA Aircoolers, Industrial Fans

IWATA Air Coolers/Industrial Fans

Generatior Set



Aluminum Railing/ Crash Barricades


Trucking/Hauling Service


EXILE INC. Professional Lights And Sounds

“Who are the lights and sounds rental near me?”

Searching an answer to this specific question?

Great news for you! 

There are always lights and sounds rental company in your area.

That’s for sure!


Be vigilant for their type of service and of course, if they have the inventory of audiovisual equipment you’ll need.

A word of advice to you when looking for lights and sounds: Manila located rental service for hire. 

Near + Really Cheap ≠ Best Deal

Better news for you!

Exile Inc. is located in San Juan, the city middle of Metro Manila and bounded by Quezon City, Mandaluyong, and Manila. 

This means accessibility from us whether you’re from the north or south of Metro Manila and we are near to a lot of event venues! 

There’s more! 

FUN FACT: Exile Inc. supplied lights and sounds not just in Metro Manila but ALL OVER THE PHILIPPINES!

Events needs? Remember…

Exile Inc. Professional Lights and Sounds: Manila Based Supplier!

Wherever you are, we’ll be there for you. 

Credibility and efficiency made better for you. 

Not yet convinced? 

Read further. 

How do I choose the best lights and sounds company for my event?

You’re bombarded with so many options and everybody is claiming “we’re the best for your event.”

Which one to pick?

You just need a sound system and lighting effects rental service that can deliver, right?

But actually, it’s not as simple as that.

Besides a well-qualified team of technicians managing your audiovisual equipment, you’d want a supplier you’ll trust that can transform your event to the next-level.

But, that’s not what we can only do.

With 35 years in the entertainment industry, you’d want to rely on the experts.

Your best option is Exile Inc.

Talk to us and we’ll guide you more so you have one less thing to worry about.

Or, learn more on how we’re not just a supplier but also a partner to help you achieve your goals, whether to your company’s brand or your life’s experiences.

Then decide who is the best lights and sounds company?

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